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Laurensons brand

It is a registered trademark belonging to the Spanish company DI LAUREN, S.L.U.

The Laurensons adventure was born in 2015 with our first manual processing of bracelets with the macrame technique. From then on, the constant search for pieces in different workshops of small Italian artisans and the use of cords in countless colors, have become our passion and hallmark.

Laurensons is a handcrafted jewelry brand rooted in the elegance of simplicity and authenticity. We create jewelry with metals of eternal value that can be worn every day, with simple, elegant and very versatile designs, capable of providing that personal touch that identifies each of the people who wear them.

We enjoy making our creations, proposing a selection of handcrafted jewelry created with all our enthusiasm and passion, from noble and high quality materials, accessible to all those who want to feel special and who care about the details.

If you prefer timeless beauty and quality craftsmanship, you are in the right place.

From our team

"We will always strive to be better than yesterday, being more innovative, determined and committed than ever before. Our customers deserve nothing less than excellence, so we will always strive to improve to deliver it to them every day."

Gianluca Bonetti

"For me fashion is a means of personal expression, a way of manifesting our moods in a variety of ways. We are inspired by everything around us, from a person or a work of art to an object or a movie, to create our style. Fashion allows us to feel free and comfortable with ourselves, without fear of being judged. Almost without realizing it, we create art through our choice of garments and accessories, and celebrate our individuality in every corner of the world."

Laura Carreras

"Because of my great fascination with traveling, being on the cutting edge of fashion and experimenting with new ideas, I feel deeply connected to Laurensons' vision. Through our collaboration, we have managed to gain admiration around the world. We are convinced that every woman is unique and special, and our goal is to highlight the essential beauty of each of our jewels."

Harold Davies

Laurensons handmade silver jewelry is not just pieces of precious metal, but is an art form that embodies the love, commitment and dedication of the artisan. Laurensons knows that each unique piece carries with it a unique and personal story, and that each customer can find a treasure that reflects their personality and style in their handmade jewelry.

Sandy Wood