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It is a registered trademark belonging to the Spanish company DI LAUREN, S.L.U.

The Laurensons adventure was born in 2015 with our first manual processing of bracelets with the macramé technique. From then on, the constant search for pieces in different workshops of small Italian artisans and the use of cords in countless colors, have become our passion and hallmark.

Laurensons is a handcrafted jewelry brand rooted in the elegance of simplicity and authenticity. We create jewelry with metals of eternal value that can be worn every day, with simple, elegant and very versatile designs, capable of providing that personal touch that identifies each of the people who wear them.

We enjoy making our creations, proposing a selection of handcrafted jewelry created with all our enthusiasm and passion, from noble and high quality materials, accessible to all those who want to feel special and who care about the details. 

If you prefer timeless beauty and quality craftsmanship, you are in the right place.



Why have we chosen a flower, and precisely a Lily?

Because all the flora nature offers us is rich with meanings and symbols that tend to express feelings and emotions, either positive or negative ones.

The Lily is a flower native to Europe, Asia and North America. It belongs to the Liliacea family and can measure up to two meters. It has very colourful flowers depending on the species and where they have been cultivated.

Native to the Balkan Peninsula and Western Asia, it was extended through the Mediterranean Sea thanks to the Phoenicians.  

In fact, the Lily is considered the oldest flower used as an ornament and it also appears in the iconography and traditions of various Cultures and Cults.

n the Egyptian Empire, the Lily was considered the emblem of royal sovereignty and the innocence of virginal girls who were already prepared to marry. For the Greeks and for the Romans the Lily symbolised sublime love and procreation..



 “In my opinion, fashion is a way of expressing our different moods and ourselves. Fashion means getting inspired by everything that surrounds us: a person, a piece of art, an object, a gesture, a film, a song and so many things more. It's about feeling free, feeling good about oneself and without fear. Fashion is art, and we make it ourselves, almost unnoticeable and celebrating it every day in every street in the world”.

Laura Carreras | ES | CDO, Founder


“We will always strive to be better than yesterday, more innovative, more determined and more committed than ever. Our customers deserve nothing less than excellence, so we will always strive to improve in order to deliver it to them every day”.


Gianluca Bonetti | IT | CEO, Founder


“My love for travel, fashion and unique innovative things has lead me to spearhead Laurenson's drive for global recognition. We believe that every woman is unique, and we seek through our products to compliment and enhance that by allowing them to radiate alongside our beautiful jewellery".

Harold Davies | UK | Worldwide Brand, Partner