During the last years marketing industry has evolved radically. Nowadays it is not enough to transmit advertisements of products through media hoping they will have success. With an advertisement you can only see the product, but you can't touch it physically. A good event organizer can make this happen. In fact, besides the presentation of a product and its characteristics, the potential customer can verify and confirm the validity of the declarations previously formulated. Our company, through event organizers has as a main objective show and let people try the product in real-time with the objective of understanding the real emotions of the buyer, and if necessary adapt it to its needs. We do not want to sell the product if the customer is not 100% sure, and we do not want to risk the credibility of the event organizer with a product that does not meet expectations. It is essential the experience a person has with a product as it is the key ingredient to the product's success.  

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